Today, Co-op Curriculums brings you a special SEO training course for pool deck companies by Jacksonville Pool Decks.

Achieving the number one search result is difficult in the pool deck industry because of the level of competition.  With numerous competitors for each product and service, going against the grain is the only way to succeed.  Breaking into the top spots assures you increased traffic to your website, which often results in more sales and money.  With that said, Jacksonville Pool Decks offers a new course with the below curriculum for your pool deck company to get more business.  The course syllabus is below:

training course syllabus

Class One – Keyword Research

Our introductory class on keyword research is important because it determines where you show up in the search results.  In the pool deck industry, our master class will teach you how to identify profitable keywords by doing some basic research on the local market.  It’s crucial for pool deck repair companies to focus on targeting keywords are specific or have intent to buy.  Examples include any pool deck related phrases with addition of a city or the “near me” modifier. These generates increased visibility for customers that will act now.  In contrast, showing up for general terms draws mostly useless traffic consisting of price shoppers that move from one contractor to the next asking for pool deck quotes.


Class Two – On Page Optimization

The second class focuses on your pool deck website with on-page optimization to clearly communicate the services your company offers.  The course includes title and description writing for each page of the website, how to target concrete resurfacing work for one or multiple cities, how to use categories and tags to separate tutorials from service pages, what types of content to include on the homepage and service pages of the website, different methods of determining whether you can beat a competitor’s page or should switch keywords, and much more.  The training also provides ways to track key metrics and analytical data to improve over time.

Class Three – Off Page Optimization

The third class offers advanced training about generating external website interest for pool deck work, including backlinking, directory listings, and press releases.  Backlinking is a major portion of the class due to its importance and the heavy reliance required to succeed. It covers what types of articles attract the most attention, which companies to reach out to, and other methods of finding places to acquire relevant links from.  Directory listings comes into play during the third week, when we discuss where to enter your business information online.  The best business directories for pool deck contractors are Yelp, Yellow Pages, Super Pages, City Search, Bing, Google My Business, Kudzu, Yasabee, and so on.  By increasing the count of completed listings, you improve your chances of appearing in the maps section of the organic search.  Last, we train you on how to use press releases effectively to announce your newly offered services to the local, state, or national market.

Available Now

This new course on SEO for pool deck companies is available now, exclusively through Jacksonville Pool Decks.  If you’re a contractor or company looking to maximize your sales revenue in 2018, we highly recommend checking out this course.