Every couple years, we release a new training course to help a specific type of business make more money. This year, we released a training course to teach dentists about marketing themselves online. Now, most dentists do a pretty good job simply because they have a lot of money to spend on advertising. The first step is to build a dental website like www.albanydentures.com for example. Step two, the dental clinics list their businesses in common directories like Yellow Pages, Yelp, Bing.com, Super Pages, and City Search. This starts to generate some interest from local residents and may lead to some phone calls. But, that’s where the process usually ends, unless the dentists have help. Instead of paying a marketing company thousands of dollars per month to increase their traffic online, dentists can now turn to training courses. Our latest one is a complete, 6-week training course on lead generation. It covers everything in simple, easy-to-follow, over-the-shoulder videos, showing the dental professional what to do step by step to market their business online. Surprisingly, it doesn’t take much time to get results, once you’ve learned the steps. Anyone interested in learning about the course can email info@albanydentures.com and the details will be sent to you.