For us, Egyptian history is like a fairy tale full of mystery and fantasy. Antique Egyptian goddesses and gods signified natural and supernatural aspects of the Egyptians and they were vital in their lives. Ancient Egyptians were some of the most religious individuals on Earth and they believe strongly in supernatural presences.

If you want to know more about this unique culture, keep reading the following facts that you possibly didn’t know:

  1. The ancient Egyptians believe in more than 2000 deities and the majority of them could take the form of animals. The same animal was a different deity depending on the temple, and area.
  2. The gods were represented with a human silhouette and an animal head. On the other hand, animal bodies with a human head were symbols of kings.
  3. Most known and important Egyptian gods and goddesses are Isis, Sobek, Ra, Horus, Osiris, Seth, Anubis, Kheper, Thoth, and Bastet.
  4. Ra was the most outstanding God to the people; he was the son of God and he was the ultimate ruler of all Gods. They believe he created all forms of life.
  5. Sobek was one of the longest and also, most important gods of the Egyptian culture. He was the guardian of waterways and he ate flesh like a crocodile.
  6. Nowadays we have different forms of Christianity like Methodism, Catholicism, etc. Ancient Egyptians also had diverse schools of religions where they could express different forms of thoughts.
  7. Demons also played a relevant role in Ancient Egyptians beliefs. Even though they were less influential than the gods with smaller powers, they were immortal and they could be in multiples places.
  8. The goddess of love, beauty, and magic was Isis. She was one of the greatest goddess daughters of Earth God and Sky Goddess.
  9. It could be difficult to recognize the sex of the Gods on the paintings that the culture did to express their beliefs. Here you have a trick to know: male gods had brown skin while female goddess has a yellow one.
  10. The busiest god wasn’t one of the most known. Bes, the god of babies, household, nightmare, and mothers, was the hardest worker of all the gods.
  11. You may notice in different Egyptians movies that the scarab is commonly shown. This insect represented protection and resurrection. The people used to wear amulets for its safety.
  12. Pharaohs were very important for the ancient Egyptian culture. They were in the middle of the people and Gods. The role of the pharaohs was to maintain the balance keeping a great relationship with the deities. When a pharaoh died could become a depending on the weight of his heart.
  13. The goddess Bastet had a big significance for the culture. She has a woman’s body with a cat’s head and her followers revered cats deeply that they eve mummified the felines.
  14. No one could enter at the temples, only priestesses, priests and some members of Pharaoh’s family were allowed.

So incredible right? There are so many things about our past that we ignore. So many rich histories, and cultures that we have no idea. Would you have liked to live in the era of ancient Egyp?