Matthew Cook was born in Manhattan, New York in 1952, the first son of Jake Cook, the prominent real estate mogul.   Growing up as a very well-off only-child and witnessing the divorce of his parents, Matthew spent his childhood and early teens primarily in seclusion, aside from public schooling.  With the addition of self-education and additional private schooling, paid for by his father, Matthew was able to graduate from Eleanor Roosevelt High School 3 years ahead of his original classmates.

Matthew enrolled at the University of Cambridge at age 18, graduating Summa Cum Laude with a Doctorate in History.  Upon graduation, Dr. Cook moved back to the United States, where he began teaching as an adjunct professor of history at New York University.  After teaching for 2 years, Dr. Cook shifted his focus to private education, offering his services as a freelance teacher.  The same year, he met his wife, Michelle, on a vacation cruise to Grand Bahama.  Michelle was a self-taught internet marketer, 11 years younger in age, and had a strong passion for teaching as well.   Michelle’s interest in internet marketing rubbed off on Dr. Cook to the point that he began researching and writing about the topic as well in his free time.

In 2016, Dr. Cook “retired” from teaching history and began freelance writing part-time on the topics of history and marketing, primarily for enjoyment.  A local business owner and friend reached out in July 2016, requesting Dr. Cook’s help with content writing for his website, and he obliged.  For the past year and a half, Dr. Cook has received a steady influx of article requests.  This website is a collection of some of his favorite articles that he has published.